VWD 19-4

Hallo Allerseits,
so, hier nun der offizielle Fahrplan für eine Nennung zu den Vespa World Days 2019.
Die Unterkünfte inkl. Camping können ab sofort bei vespa2019@zankaevent.com gebucht werden. Ihr erhaltet dann eine Bestätigungsmail mit dem weiteren Vorgehen. Bitte habt etwas Geduld mit der Antwort. Eine Liste mit Ausweichquartieren liegt bei.
Die Nennung für das Full Entry Ticket öffnet am 15. Dezember. Light Entry Tickets können ab 15. Januar geordert werden. Die Nennung erfolgt in beiden Fällen mit Hilfe des VWC-Registrierungstools. Unser Angebot einer gemeinsamen Überweisung gemäß Newsletter 4.2018 gilt natürlich weiterhin.
Weitere Informationen im englischen Original.
Dear Presidents,
We would like to inform you about accomodations first, than tickets and deadlines.
Accomodation registration starts on 15th November at Zanka Resort. Room types info, camping info and prices enfolded in PDF. First 500 beds booked 2000 beds become bookable. Zanka’s camping area is quite small for 250 people only.
Zanka’s booking process via e-mail:
1. Choose your room type and duration of stay.
2. Email your request to Zanka Sport and Event Center. Their email address: vespa2019@zankaevent.com
3. Wait for the letter of confirmation. (Sometimes need 1-2 weeks to be processed and answered, please be patient!)
4. If the confirmation is suitable for you, follow the instructions received. (If you need any clarification, you can do so in response to your confirmation email.)
5. Payment will be possible by bank transfer or credit card. The payment process will be described in the confirmation letter. After payment, an invoice will be issued on the part payment or the total amount.
6. Further questions about accommodation should be answered by the Zanka Sport and Event Center
We have collected information on other accomodations. You can find them attached, they are the recomennded ones.
Registration for VWD2019 (Tickets)
We offer children under 14 LIGHT registration free of charge with no „welcome package“. FULL registration for children also available for the full price of a FULL ENTRY ticket.
FULL ENTRY ticket registration opens in 15:00 CET 15th December via VWC Event Registration System. 2500 FULL ENTRY tickets will be available.
LIGHT ENTRY registration going to start 15:00 CET 15th January
For the payment we recommend you transferwise.com or xe.com
Those two companies safe and way cheaper than any other type of intl. money transfer. We will communicate payment deadlines later.
If you have any question feel free to ask me.

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